Ryan Unveils Budget Plan With Massive Spending Cuts.

Ryan Unveils Budget Plan With Massive Spending Cuts.
The unveiling of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget plan generated extensive media attention. On the network newscasts, for example, nearly half of the 14 minutes and 25 seconds devoted to the budget debate focused on Ryan’s plan. The proposal, which was received along sharply defined partisan lines, is nonetheless garnering some relatively positive coverage as a substantial — and political courageous — addition to the debate. Of note, both the Washington Post (4/6) and Los Angeles Times (4/6) run editorials this morning offering some degree of praise for Ryan’s blueprint.
The CBS Evening News (4/5, story 2, 2:20, Cordes) reported, “Making good on their chief campaign promise, House Republicans unveiled a plan to dramatically shrink the size of government by overhauling the social programs at the root of the nation’s debt crisis.”
McClatchy (4/6, Hall) says that “budget experts gave high marks for courage and low marks for the details in” the “bold Republican plan” – the “opening move in a political chess match that’s likely to unfold over several years.”
Ryan Medicare Plan Would Increase Healthcare Costs For Seniors. The Wall Street Journal (4/6, Adamy, Subscription Publication) reports that Ryan’s plan to revamp the Medicare program would be likely to result in higher costs for recipients and less coverage. The Journal notes that a CBO report released Tuesday says that “most elderly people would pay more for their health care” under Ryan’s plan “than they would pay under the current Medicare system.”
GOP Budget Criticized For Potential Cuts To Nursing Home Care. The Hill (4/6, Pecquet) reports, “While House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is pitching his Medicaid overhaul as welfare reform, healthcare providers and liberal groups are warning that its greatest impact may be on seniors.” Since “Medicare does not cover long-term care such as lengthy nursing home stays, some 14 million seniors and people with disabilities instead rely on Medicaid.” Noting that “Ryan also wants to eliminate the healthcare reform law’s long-term-care entitlement, without proposing a replacement,” the article highlights analysis conducted by AARP showing that “more than 60 percent of seniors will need long-term care in their lifetime” while “only about 8 million Americans have private coverage.”
Ryan Likens His Medicare Proposal To Program’s Part D Plan. The Hill (4/6, Millman) reports in its “Healthwatch” blog, “Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), unveiling his 2012 budget on Tuesday, compared his proposal to overhaul Medicare to the program’s popular prescription drug benefit program.” According to “the proposal, which Republicans are pitching as a ‘premium support’ model, Medicare would pay insurers for a plan chosen by beneficiaries. The overhaul wouldn’t touch individuals currently 55 and older.”


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