NAIC Moves Forward with MLR Study

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners held two teleconferences last week in an effort to move forward with its data collection regarding the impact of PPACA’s medical loss ratio provisions on health insurance producer compensation. The NAIC’s Professional Health Insurance Advisors (EX) Taskforce voted during its March meeting to direct the group’s Health Insurance and Managed Care (B) Committee to study this issue. The committee was asked to report back in four weeks, so that they could move forward with a proposed resolution to support H.R. 1206, Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI) and John Barrow’s (D-GA) bipartisan bill to remove independent producer compensation from the MLR calculation.

The two calls outlined the parameters of the data collection effort. The “B” Committee’s actuarial subgroups will review 2010 data from the NAIC’s Supplemental Health Care Exhibit, which was due into the NAIC from all health insurance carriers nationally on April 1. NAHU and major general agencies have volunteered data, and the committee has also requested information from states that have tracked this issue over time and detailed historical commission data from major carriers.

In other NAIC news, the Exchange (B) Subgroup has also finalized its white paper on adverse selection issues in health insurance exchanges. NAHU submitted detailed comments on the white paper on April 4.


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