“Death Panels” Considered Necessary For Cost Control.

Jay Bookman wrote in his Atlanta Journal-Constitution (4/20) blog that the US’ ability to control healthcare costs is crucial to sustained economic growth. “US Rep. Paul Ryan and his GOP colleagues prefer to use economic scarcity as their rationing agent,” while “President Obama proposed the alternative of relying on the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a panel of 15 experts created under ObamaCare to recommend ways to control Medicare costs.” Bookman argues that “inevitably, that proposal revived talk of ‘death panels.’ It’s an emotionally powerful phrase, but only because it strips things down to uncomfortable truth: Death panels exist, they will exist in any conceivable system of health-care delivery, and we all know they are necessary but prefer to ignore it.”
Columnist Agrees Healthcare Must Be Rationed. Referring to Bookman’s post, Cynthia Tucker writes in her Atlanta Journal-Constitution (4/21) blog that the piece was “very thoughtful,” and it focused “on why rationing health care — ‘death panels,’ if you will — is quite necessary.” Tucker notes that she “wrote on a similar subject in” a recent column. She says, “If resources are limited (and they are), the nation needs to make choices — some more painful than others.”


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