Ryan: Waivers “A Devastating Indictment” Of Healthcare Law.

CQ (5/17, Adams, Subscription Publication) reports, “House Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan defended his Medicare proposal and criticized the health care overhaul Monday, saying that more than 1,300 waivers from requirements for insurers to increase annual coverage limits are ‘a devastating indictment’ of that law.” His “comments about the waivers come shortly after the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had released an updated list of companies and other entities that have been exempted from the annual coverage-limit requirements imposed by the health care law.”
Nevada Receives Health Reform Waiver. The Las Vegas Sun (5/17, Demirjian) reports, “Nevada got a partial waiver from the health care law — a significant development that Democrats are dismissing as par for the course and Republicans are claiming as a political victory.” HHS announced Friday that Nevada “had secured a statewide waiver from certain implementation requirements of the Obama administration’s health care law, because forcing them through, the department found, ‘may lead to the destabilization of the individual market.'” This announcement makes Nevada “one of only three states to have compliance requirements under the health care bill waived.”
Nursing Home Industry Seeking Waiver From Healthcare Law. The National Journal (5/17, Fung, Subscription Publication) reports, “Officials for trade groups representing nursing homes are asking the Health and Human Services Department for a waiver that would allow the facilities not to provide health insurance to their employees.” Notably, “the American Health Care Association, a trade group for nursing homes, is lobbying to get an exemption from the measure. AHCA President Mark Parkinson said that nursing homes depend on Medicare and Medicaid for revenue, but the programs’ low reimbursement rates make it difficult for the organizations to provide health coverage to workers.”


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