“THE REPEAL REPORT” From: www.RepealItNow.org

The GOP field of Presidential candidates could not be more unsettled. With Mitt Romney at one end of the spectrum and Herman Cain on the other (so far) the 2012 Presidential primary will be something different than we’ve ever seen before.
Against a confused field of Republican candidates where “none of the above” is still the choice of most conservative voters, Barack Obama has started raising money for a re-election campaign where he will run against Republican candidates, a staggering economy and his own signature issue, ObamaCare.
Peggy Noonan, the brilliant former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, came up with a dead-on campaign slogan for 2012—“He Made It Worse”. Most Americans agree, according to recent polls, that ObamaCare will make healthcare more expensive and reduce quality and access—in other words, worse.
The President’s own Medicare’s chief actuary says it will make healthcare far more expensive. Other studies show that family coverage will go up more than $2,100 a year because of ObamaCare. Doctors have already starting turning away from care for seniors because of Medicare cuts that will only get worse.
The debt limit debate consumes Washington this week with few brave enough to just say the truth: According to the Congressional Budget office, repeal would trim almost $1.5 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade. We never wanted it and still favor repeal by a majority of public opinion, it has proven to be so flawed that we now know it will hurt rather than help, it’s too expensive and repeal can save us more than a trillion dollars.
The right path—repeal—is crystal clear to all but those who insist that they know better than most Americans, most doctors and experts in and outside government. Senate Democrats—with the White House behind them—have insisted on an “ostrich position” but as elections grow closer the ground they’ve stuck their heads in is starting to shake.
This is the beginning of the moment we’re been waiting for to turn around just four more votes in the Senate—all Democrats—to win repeal. We begin delivering more than a million voice and print petitions to the Senate in coming weeks. New TV ads are running now to help raise another million voices to our cause. Those who have signed before to win the House vote have been asked to come back and sign again for a new petition aimed at the Senate.
We can and will force repeal in the Senate. It’s begun.
Ken Hoagland, Chairman
From Nancy Pelosi to the Acting Solicitor General
Last week the Administration’s Acting Solicitor General argued for ObamaCare before a federal court of appeals. One of Neal Kaytal’s arguments tracked with what Nancy Pelosi told a roomful of San Francisco musicians just before passage of ObamaCare. Kaytal argued that if Americans did not want to pay the mandated insurance costs they could simply earn less money!
This meshes with Ms. Pelosi telling musicians more than a year ago not to worry too much about their day jobs because working Americans would be covering the cost of their healthcare in the future. The message from each seems pretty clear—it’s OK to rely on the hard work of others to pay for healthcare. ObamaCare is a disaster in many ways but insidious government incentives to earn less money and become more dependent on government is as destructive as any other element of the flawed legislation.
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Within 2 years, 32 million now uninsured people will double their consumption of medical care with no thought for new doctors or nurses to handle the increase. Worse, 40% of doctors will either quit or stop seeing Medicare patients because it shifts $500 billion from Medicare to ObamaCare. Expect rationing, months to see a doctor as well as higher costs, taxes and national debt to make a bad plan “work”. No thanks.
“When 30 states are taking steps to prevent the implementation of the Democrats’ health care law in their state, that is a pretty strong indicator that the health care law is not working and that we need to repeal it, start over, and craft workable solutions that will actually increase affordability and access – for all Americans.“ The and Means Committee.]
If Congress can enact ObamaCare over the objections of a majority of citizens, forcing every citizen to purchase insurance or face fines and tax liens, then “consent of the governed”, our bedrock principle, is in real danger. We won’t accept that this will stand because we know what it means if it does. Ruin. We have three paths–overwhelming pressure on Democratic Senators, the voting booth and the Supreme Court.
The Founding Fathers knew all governments grow and when they do (most often to “help” us) they can encroach on the liberties of a free people. They divided the federal government into three overlapping, conflicting parts and gave states all powers not reserved to the federal level. Importantly, citizens could always trump with free speech, assembly, petition and votes. Restore our voice and force repeal.
Why Should You Help?
Repeal It Now is a non-profit campaign that is entirely funded by grassroots petition signers and supporters of immediate repeal. No funds are accepted from businesses with any interest in the healthcare system. This is a grassroots citizen’s campaign. Every dollar contributed goes into gathering millions of petitions to put pressure on Washington officials to vote for repeal.
The TV ads funded by our supporters serve three primary goals:
1. To raise so many American voices for Repeal that even tone deaf politicians will finally hear and respect the will of the American people. We are calling for repeal of legislation never approved by a majority of citizens.

2. To give hope and encouragement to all those Americans who felt dismay and disgust that the will of a majority of citizens was deliberately ignored with enactment of ObamaCare. Every television ad is continuing proof to millions that the fight is not over.

3. We want politicians to clearly see that we are pushing and will never stop pushing to erase this destructive law from the books before more damage is done to our economy, our pocketbooks, our families and the democratic process itself.
Whether large or small, every contribution is treated as precious. Every dollar donated moves us nearer the moment when we reach the “tipping point” of so much intense pressure on Congress that there is no other choice but outright repeal of this destructive and unwanted legislation.
If you signed a petition to the House, call and add your name again for the petition directed at the Senate by clicking HERE. Tell your friends and family that we are gathering the momentum needed to win repeal in both House of Congress. Send this newsletter along by clicking HERE.
And, very importantly, help us fund our newest wave of television spots and all the work we are doing by clicking HERE. Your contribution makes possible wider and wider distribution of television ads that give hope to all those who have given up that We, the People, can and will prevail.

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