Almost 300 Medical Groups Ask Congress To Repeal IPAB.

The Hill (6/25, Baker) reported in its “Healthwatch” blog, “A broad coalition of healthcare stakeholders lent their support Friday to repealing a controversial cost-cutting panel established under healthcare reform.” About “270 stakeholder groups signed a letter to members of Congress urging them to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board.” These “organizations represent doctors, other healthcare providers, employers, drug and medical device manufacturers and some disease-specific advocates — in short, a robust cross-section of the groups that stand to lose as a new and powerful body looks for Medicare savings.” They wrote, “While we all recognize the need for more sustainable healthcare costs, we do not believe the IPAB is the way to, or will, accomplish this goal.”
In a front-page story, the Boston Globe (6/27, A1, Jan) reports on Robert Coughlin, “president and chief executive of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council,” who “is part of an army of health care industry representatives from Massachusetts and around the country who want to block creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a key piece of President Obama’s health care overhaul law.” The industry representatives from Massachusetts say that IPAB “would stifle innovation and dent Boston’s economy, which relies heavily on biotech companies, medical device firms, and research hospitals. Executives also contend that it will create barriers to treatments and that patients will suffer.”


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