Proposed Medicaid Cuts Draw Opposition.

The Hill (6/29, Pecquet) reports in its “Healthwatch” blog, “The nation’s largest Jewish organization announced Tuesday that it’s convening other religious groups to fight Medicaid cuts, the same day a nonpartisan coalition of providers and health plans separately launched an ad campaign against the cuts.” The Jewish Federation of North America “says it’s partnering with other major faith-based groups” including Lutheran Services of America, Catholic Health Association and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, “to fight against Medicaid cuts.” Notably, “as part of its effort, the federation examined how the federal Medicaid funding cuts called for in House Republicans’ budget proposal would affect the nation’s largest cities.” Furthermore, the Partnership for Medicaid commenced an ad campaign to resist Medicaid cuts that are under consideration as part of the debt ceiling negotiations.
Medicaid Cuts May Come From Democrats. Politico (6/29, Feder) reports, “Defenders of Medicaid have been fighting hard against Republican proposals to cut the program, but they’re just waking up to the threat of one proposed by the Obama administration.” It is “an idea to change the way federal matching funds work and save money in the process — and it would probably do it by shifting costs to the states.” Notably, “if that happens, Medicaid advocates fear, the states will just pass on the cuts to providers and, ultimately, the patients.”


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