Urgent! Your Last Minute Support is needed! Please call your CA State Senator to OPPOSE AB52!

TO: California Constituents
RE: AB 52 (Feuer) – Oppose

Please act now and call the members of the Senate Health Committtee — urging them to vote “NO” on AB 52!

The June 29 Senate Health Committee held an extensive hearing last week on California Health Underwriter’s (CAHU’s) top opposed bill – AB 52 (Feuer).

Under AB 52, insurers and HMOs would be required to submit all proposed increases or decreases in health care premiums, copayments, levels of service or deductibles for review and approval from the Department of Insurance or Department of Managed Health Care at least 60 days prior to going into effect, among other provisions.

The vote on the bill is now scheduled for tomorrow, July 6. Amendments are expected to be presented a tomorrows hearng to address concerns expressed by Senate Committee Chair Ed Hernandez and others on the committee. These concerns dealt with broad power given to interveners; vague and undefined terminology; worries about delays in approval of rates if enacted, and high estimated cost to implement.

During last week’s hearing, Senator Tony Strickland was a strong voice for the opposition and repeatedly raised health industry concerns with the bill and closely questioned the proponents about the source of their data and assumptions.

The California Health Underwriters (CAHU) testified against AB 52 as part of a broad coalition of health insurance industry, medical professionals and business representatives. All touched on various concerns from cost to implement, reduction of access, delays in approval, huge new bureaucracy, impact on health benefit exchanges and intervener problems.

Many members mentioned hearing of AB 52 concerns from their cnstituents. We thank all Californians who contacted Senate Health Committee members last week. Those messages clearly helped get the CAHU message across to the Committee members.

Please make one last effort to try and stop AB 52 in the Senate Health committee. Please act now and call the members of the Senate Health Committee — urge them to vote “NO” on AB 52 when it comes up tomorrow!


Senator District Phone Fax
Alquist, Elaine 13 916 651 4013 916 324 0283
Anderson, Joel 36 916 651 4036 916 447 9008
Blakeslee, Sam 15 916 651 4015 916 445 8081
de León, Kevin 22 916 651 4022 916 327 8817
DeSaulnier, Mark 7 916 651 4007 916 445 2527
Hernandez, Edward(Chair) 24 916 651 4024 916 445 0485
Rubio, Michael 16 916 651 4016 916 327 5989
Strickland, Tony(Vice Chair) 19 916 651 4019 916 324 7544
Wolk, Lois 5 916 651 4005 916 323 2304


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