Sebelius Responds To Questions About Insurance Exchanges.

(8/11, 7:54 p.m. EST) reported, “Health and Human Services
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius answered your questions about health insurance
exchanges — the costs and the coverage on our health page.”

The Hill (8/12, Baker) reports in its
“Healthwatch” blog that on Thursday, Sebelius “highlighted the
national healthcare plans that will be available through state-based insurance
exchanges.” During a question-and-answer session with “PBS’ NewsHour,
Sebelius was asked about exchanges’ ability to promote competition in the
insurance marketplace.” She explained that it was “up to states to
decide whether they want to let their exchanges sell every policy that meets
certain federal standards or impose tighter restrictions. Either way, the
exchanges will bolster competition by making two nationwide plans available in
every state, Sebelius said.”
The PBS NewsHour (8/12, Kane) “The
Rundown” blog also reports that according to Sebelius, “Affordable
insurance exchanges in each state will have flexibility to determine what role
agents and brokers will play. An exchange may allow agents and brokers to
assist consumers with applications for advance payments of the premium tax
credit and cost-sharing reductions and enroll individuals, employers, and
employees in qualified health plans.” Sebelius added that “states
will also maintain their current role licensing and overseeing agents and


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