CBO Predicts Delay In Long-Term Care Insurance Program.

The “Healthwatch” blog of The Hill (8/25, Baker) reports that the Congressional Budget Office predicts the “administration will likely fall a year behind schedule in implementing” the healthcare reform law’s insurance program for long-term care, Community Living Assistance Services and Supports. CBO “doesn’t expect the program to start taking in money until 2013.” The program “has faced serious skepticism ever since its inclusion in the healthcare overhaul.” HHS officials “have acknowledged concerns about the CLASS program and said they’re considering changes to ensure its solvency,” with Administration on Aging Secretary Kathy Greenlee previously telling a House committee CLASS wouldn’t be implemented until “the department is sure the program will be self-sustaining.”
CQ Today (8/25, Ethridge) reports HHS “Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other administration officials have repeatedly said they will not implement the program unless it is financially sound,” and “they plan to issue a proposed rule in October making significant changes to the program to ensure it can be solvent for the next 75 years.” However, some Congressmen question “whether Sebelius has the ability to restructure the program so thoroughly” introduced bills to repeal the program.


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