Lawmakers Oppose Obama’s Proposal To Tax Plans For High Earners.

Bloomberg News (9/14, Sloan, Hunter) reports that President Barack Obama wants “lawmakers to tax the health insurance benefits of top earners, stirring opposition from congressional Democrats who fought a similar proposal in the 2010 health-care law.” The idea, “tucked deep inside the 155-page jobs legislation Obama submitted to Congress on Sept. 12, would make plans provided by employers partially taxable for couples earning more than $250,000 a year and individuals earning more than $200,000.” So far, both Democrats and Republicans have voiced opposition to the President’s proposal. White House spokesman Jay Carney said this week that “the special 12-member congressional panel charged with trimming $1.5 trillion from the nation’s long-term deficit can modify the administration proposals, as long as the measures aimed at stimulating hiring are paid for.” Carney emphasized that Obama “wouldn’t veto legislation that only enacted part of his plan.”


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