GOP Senators Want Supercommittee To Repeal Healthcare Law, Tackle Tort Reform.

CQ (10/15, Ethridge, Harrison, Subscription Publication) reported, “Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee want the joint deficit panel to consider ideas that enjoy little support among Democrats, including repeal of the new health care law and converting Medicaid into block grants.” According to CQ, the “vague and unaggressive language in some parts of the letter the GOP senators sent to the deficit panel — including a call for protecting the benefits of current Social Security recipients — suggests there may be room for compromise.” Still, the majority “of the suggestions reflect traditional GOP health care goals, including altering the medical malpractice system and repealing the health care overhaul.”
GOP Efforts To “Repeal And Replace” Healthcare Law Stalled. CQ (10/17, Ethridge, Subscription Publication) reports, “House Republicans attribute at least part of their victory in the last congressional election to their rallying cry to ‘repeal and replace’ the health care law. Since then, they have voted repeatedly to strike down the bill entirely, eliminate several of its provisions and freeze much of its funding.” But their efforts have stalled in the Senate, where Democrats have the majority. In the meantime, “the repeal battle has been overwhelmed as an issue by the economy — and also removed to the quiet of the Supreme Court, which could take the next eight months to make a decision.”

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