Kaiser Poll Shows Lowest Level Of Health Reform Support.

The Hill (10/31, Pecquet) reports in its
“Healthwatch” blog, “Defenders of the Democrats’ health law
quickly dismissed Friday’s dismal” Kaiser Family Foundation “poll numbers as a statistical fluke that will
have little impact to no impact on the 2012 election.” The poll
“registered the lowest level of support for the law since it was
enacted” because of “waning support from Democrats,” while
“Congressional Republicans embraced the poll as proof their strategy is
Politico (10/31, Millman) reports, “There
have been other big shifts in opinion in past Kaiser polls – including a surge
in the popularity of the law three months after it passed. But this is the
first time the favorable views of the law have trailed the unfavorable views by
so wide a margin.” The piece notes, “The poll comes in the same week
that two progressive groups in Colorado are trying to turn public opinion back
in favor of the law.”
The Washington Post (10/28, Kliff) reports in its
“Ezra Klein” blog, “The Democrats have always faced a challenge
in trying to sway the public on health reform – promoting the Affordable Care
Act as transformative and nondisruptive, allowing Americans to keep the
coverage they like. As of late, it looks like their base is becoming less
convinced that the health reform law will do much to improve what they have
WSJournal Welcomes Declining Popularity Of Healthcare Law. A Wall Street Journal (10/29, Subscription
Publication, 2.02M) editorial welcomed a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey
finding declining support for the Affordable Care Act. The Journal attributes
the opposition to the rising costs of healthcare, despite President Obama’s
statement that healthcare reform would lower insurance costs.


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