Possible Supreme Court Ruling On Healthcare Analyzed.

Politico (11/2, Haberkorn) analyzes the
upcoming Supreme Court decision whether “to hear any or all of the four
lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the…individual mandate.”
If the law is struck down, Republicans will “have achieved a huge victory
over Obama’s signature domestic accomplishment,” and if the law is upheld,
they “can use the defeat as an argument to elect Republicans…which would
allow them to repeal the law legislatively.” Democrats would do better
“if the court upholds the mandate,” but if the law is struck down,
“some strategists who support the law say it could be a new opportunity
for health reform — despite the embarrassment of such a high-profile loss —
because what’s left of the law would have much stronger public support.”
However, “a Supreme Court ruling in either direction might not change a
lot of votes on Election Day — because the health care issue rarely does that
on its own, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Drew Altman.”

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