Urge Your Senators to ACT NOW on MLR – URGE Your Senators to Take Action on MLR!

It is time to begin our “push” in the Senate to get a companion bill to H.R. 1206 (the “Access to Professional Health Insurance Advisors Act of 2011)   introduced and passed!  As of today, there were 140 bipartisan cosponsors in the U. S. House of Representatives to H.R. 1206.  The bill removes broker commissions from the MLR administrative expense calculation and makes improvements to the state MLR adjustment process.  While the bill has significant support in the House, it needs a Senate companion.

We (www.NAHU.org)  continue to have meetings with key Senators about a companion bill to H.R. 1206, and timing is important.  NAHU is working to get the House bill to the floor and passed as quickly as possible.  It is important for you to know – and to relay to your Senator – that the supporters of H.R. 1206 represent a wide range of perspectives.  Everyone from original sponsors of the health reform measure passed in the House to members of the Tea Party leadership have signed onto this bill.  There are 18 Democrats on the measure and 122 Republicans.

As you know, NAHU has also continued to work with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to ensure their support in amending the MLR provisions to accommodate agents and brokers.  . These efforts resulted in the NAIC’s recent adoption of a resolution urging Congress to act legislatively and for HHS to act via regulation.  Despite the pleas of the NAIC, the HHS MLR Regulation released last Friday, December 2, did not include improvements for brokers and their clients..  That is why NAHU has always advocated for a legislative solution, as it is the only way to guarantee a comprehensive and permanent fix.

Now is the time to send a strong message to your U. S. Senators about the devastating impact that the MLR calculation requirement is having — not just on health insurance agents and brokers and their employees, but also on your clients—the millions of employers and individual Americans who purchase private health insurance coverage each year..

By asking our Senators to step forward and support health insurance agents and brokers, along with their employees and their clients, we keep this issue center-stage.  The Senators have so many other competing issues before them that we need to maintain a constant presence in varying forms to keep this issue elevated.

Please “Take Action” now before Congress adjourns for the holidays.  Send a message urging your Senator to cosponsor a companion bill to HR 1206 in the Senate, and to push the bill to the top of the heap and get it passed!.


Thank you for continuing to make your voices heard as a part of NAHU advocacy!!


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