Public opinion around the Affordable Care Act continues to deteriorate ahead of this month’s historic Supreme Court ruling, while stakeholders on both sides of the debate work up solutions for this Gordian Knot, and health spending projections paint a bleak, albeit, familiar, picture.

Still Unpopular: A couple of recently released polls underscore just how deeply public sentiment continues to run against the Affordable Care Act.  The first poll, put out by The New York Times in conjunction with CBS News, revealed that, not only do more Americans disapprove of the sweeping health reform law than approve of it (48 percent to 34 percent), but most would like to see all, or parts, of it overturned.  Separately, a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed that a solid majority of Americans are, at best, unsure about the Affordable Care Act (19 percent), or, at worst, think the whole thing’s a bad idea (45 percent).  In any case, it’s not winning many popularity contests.


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