Act Now to Oppose SB 1431-STOP Government from limiting your Healthcare Options!

STOP Government fro Telling us what to do!

STOP California Government from limiting your Options!

Act Now to Oppose SB 1431

Be Well Insurance Solutions in conjunction with The Silicon Valley Association of Health Underwriters ( ) and the California Association of Health Underwriters ( )  and the California Chamber of Commerce and various other “business friendly” organizations-oppose SB 1431 (De Leon) which seeks to essentially ban small business use of stop-loss insurance by increasing policy costs to unaffordable levels.

SB 1431 swifltly moved through Assembly Appropriations Committee for a third hearing Monday, August 20, 2012. CAHU encourages California voters and small business owners to contact their local Assembly and Senate representatives and ask them to oppose SB 1431.

SB 1431 seeks to set a minimum specific stop-loss deductible of $60,000 per employee and per dependent claim, along with a high individual aggregate attachment point of 130%. As such, SB 1431 is the only bill currently moving through the California Legislature that specifically intends to increase health insurance costs for small businesses with less than 50 employees.

The California Association of Health Underwriters (CAHU) has been working jointly with NAIFA California and IBA West in strong opposition to SB 1431. Others working hard against the bill include the California Chamber of Commerce; the National Federation of Independent Business; Anthem Blue Cross; the Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies; the Asian Pacific Chamber; Redondo Beach Chamber and Visitors Bureau; Diversified Benefit Solution; HCC Life Insurance Company; and many independent insurance agents and companies throughout the state.

Listed supporters of SB 1431 include Blue Shield of California; Kaiser Permanente; the California Association of Physician Groups; Bay Area Council; Health Access California; Consumer Federation of America; SEIU California; and Small Business Majority. SB 1431 is sponsored by the California Department of Insurance, which believes that SB 1431 is “necessary to prevent the state’s small group insurance market from falling victim to adverse selection and unsustainable premium levels, protecting California’s small businesses, its employees, and the success of post ACA insurance market,” according to the Assembly Health Committee analysis.

Self-insurance, combined with stop-loss coverage for excessive, unexpected claims, frequently offers the best option for small employers seeking alternative ways to provide affordable health coverage for their employees. Proponents want a very high attachment point set in SB 1431; CAHU, SVAHU and other opponents seek a far lower attachment point. SB 1431 is one of the top priority bills of concern to CAHU, SVAHU and other opponents.

For your Convenience, attached is a pre-written letter for you to sign your name to, and fax directly to your California Assembly Representative and the Assembly Healthcare Appropriations Committee.  Please ACT TODAY! [Click This Link]

For additional questions regarding CAHU legislative activities, please contact: Juli Broyles or Mike Belote


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