HCR NewsBUDGET HIGHLIGHTS ACA MONEY STRUGGLE — The 2014 HHS budget released yesterday neatly laid out a $1.5 billion request to fund the 33 exchanges the feds will run next year. Thing is, the money probably isn’t coming. Republican lawmakers have repeatedly refused to give any more money to Obamacare, and no one’s really expecting anything to change this time around. But the administration swears it’ll have enough funding anyway to get the exchanges up and running on Oct.1, and HHS officials started to peel back the curtain yesterday on how they expect to get that done.

— So, here’s how you throw together federal exchange funding when Congress won’t cough up any more dough. HHS will take approximately $235 million left in the original ACA implementation fund, $554 million from shifting some funds around, and dip into the ACA’s Prevention and Public Health Fund for an unspecified amount. Yes, that’s the same prevention fund that Republicans have labeled a “slush fund,” so this likely won’t improve the GOP’s opinion of the program. The POLITICO story: http://politi.co/12LWklF

By JASON MILLMAN | 04/11/13 9:34 AM EDT
With help from Kyle Cheney, Paige Winfield Cunningham, Jennifer Haberkorn and David Nather


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