Support our MLR Legislation

ImageTake Action!

As you may know, Michigan Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI-8) and Georgia Representative John Barrow (D-GA-12), introduced H.R. 2328, a bill to remove broker compensation from the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) calculation back in June and already the bill has 49 co-sponsors!   This legislation would remove agent/broker compensation from the MLR calculation issued under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and would also stop the carrier reductions that have led to a reduction in consumer access to crucial services provided by insurance producers on a daily basis.

While House members are rapidly signing onto H.R. 2328 we still need more co-sponsors to get the bill moving in the Energy and Commerce Committee!

Members of Congress are waiting to hear from you – their constituents about how the MLR calculation has been and continues to be harmful to your business!

Please urge your member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 2328 and if they already have, please thank them! August recess is fast approaching so please, follow up on your grassroots efforts by scheduling an in-district meeting with your Representative and let them know what you are doing to keep your doors open and to educate your clients as we approach October 1st and 2014.

Just click “Take Action” to ask your Representative to cosponsor H.R. 2328 and thank you!


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