Summary of the week… What We’re Reading

Finger pointing, spoofs and shameless self-promotion. Who wouldn’t want to read what we are reading this week?

Guess what? According to internal “war room” memos, enrolled less than 250 people in its first few days? And most of the overall enrollees so far are for Medicaid

For you visual learners, here is a handy flow chart showing who is blaming who for this mess.

Kathleen Sebelius’ testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee this week was entertaining, but personally we preferred her remarks onSaturday Night Live

It’s exciting when you are quoted in a story that’s on the front page of the New York Times website, even for a few hours. 

Dedicated readers know we’ve been concerned about the enforceability of the law’s individual mandate since the idea started getting serious national political consideration (we ballpark this at about 2006). The worries of this health nerd have finally gone main stream with USA Today writing about it this week. 

Here’s the latest on congressional staff health insurance coverage options.

Finally, to leave for the weekend on a high note, The Onion has the scoop on how well the “tech surge” is working.


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