2015 Open Enrollment Delayed – for political reasons…

At around 10:00 p.m. Thursday (11/21/13), a HHS spokesperson, who asked to remain anonymous because the announcement is not yet official, divulged that the 2015 open enrollment period will be delayed one month, ostensibly to give insurers more time to set rates and to give consumers more time to shop for plans. The open enrollment period change, which does not impact this year’s open enrollment at all, means that people will begin being allowed to enroll in exchange plans November 15, 2014, and the enrollment window will end on January 15, 2015.

Coincidentally, this move pushes the open enrollment start date back until after the 2014 mid-term elections, meaning that voters will get official word about potential 2015 federal marketplace policy rate increases a week after the mid-terms, whereas they would have heard about the rate increases prior to the elections had open enrollment started in October. If you think the press President Obama has been receiving since the exchanges launched has been bad, just wait until 2015. If 2015 rates are higher than 2014 many will consider the law to be a bigger train wreck than they do right now. The healthcare.gov complications have deterred many from participating in the exchanges, but in order for the exchanges to function as envisioned, more people, specifically the young and healthy, need to enroll. The delayed open enrollment deadline gives insurers more time to analyze the markets and set rates for the coming year, but if the young and healthy don’t join their risk pools during 2014, nothing the Administration does to change enrollment times will be able to help the impact on prices and competition in 2015.


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