URGENT REQUEST : Ask Governor to VETO AB 1962 (Skinner) & VETO AB 2088 (Hernandez)

URGENT REQUEST : Ask Governor to VETO AB 1962 (Skinner) Unnecessary Dental Loss Ratio



CAHU (The California Association of Health Underwriters) has done some great work in the Legislature this year, with many bills that have focused on preserving the integrity and healthcare benefit choices of our clients.  However, there are two bills that have passed the Legislature and are going to the Governor for action.  CAHU needs your help to get the Governor to VETO these unnecessary and unreasonable measures.

 We have sent out a Voter Voice for both of these bills – please take the time to respond to and help CAHU make a difference in the health care marketplace for California.  Both of these bills limit markets that our customers use to purchase health care. We think our opposition is very critical to getting AB 1962 and AB 2088 vetoed.  If needed, please click here to access the Voter Voice campaigns for these bills.

More specifically, if you have plans that will be eliminated under AB 2088, please take the time to send a personal letter to the governor with an example of how this bill will impact you or your business specifically, and the damage the bill will cause you and your employees.  The Voter Voice campaigns will provide you with the basic letter and you can add your own impact story. Click here to access to access the Voter Voice campaign to cut and paste the AB 2088 letter.

Please Note:  Although the Voter Voice template is written as if you are an Agent, you can still use the template to voice your Opposition, just enter your information.

You can also reach the Governor’s office by mail at the following address:

The Honorable Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
Governor, State of California
State Capitol
Sacramento, California 95814

or by fax at: 916-558-3177

Thanks for your attention and your help this year.   It really makes a difference to speak with one voice!  


Why Veto AB 1962 (Skinner):   





Why Veto AB 2088 (Hernandez):







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