Are you up to date on the many ERISA, FMLA and ACA Employer Compliance and Regulations?

Dept of labor logo  At Be Well Insurance Solutions we want to make sure you are aware, prepared, and ready in case the Department of Labor, IRS or any of the many government organizations come knocking on your door.  Keep in Mind, many of these regulations are for All Employers Regardless of company size.Regulations 2

As you may already realize, 2014 brought about many more compliance and regulations Employers must adhere to; but do you know if you are adhering to these regulations in the manner the government requires?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself as an Employer:

  1. Are you aware of the NEW Reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act?
  2. Did you know that groups with 50+ employees are required under the ACA to disclose their tracking method of variable hour/seasonal and part-time employees?
  3. Did you know that the disclosure is Required to be in your group ERISA SPD?
  4. Do you know if you have an SPD and what an ERISA compliant SPD is?
  5. Is your Company internally HIPAA Compliant?
  6. Have your employees been PHI certified and trained?
  7. Do you know if you are required to file a form 5500 annually?

If you’re not sure how to answer these – Then I assure you, you will need to know the answers.

Click Here for a recent Intent to Audit letter sent to a prospective client.  It is quite extensive, and we share this to demonstrate how, NOW (more than ever before) audits now ask for a lot more evidence to be provided,  about HIPAA, COBRA, Information Notices, as well as 70+ other items and documents you will be required to provide if audited.

There is more Federal Scrutiny than ever before on Employer Groups of all sizes and Compliance is paramount.  

Be Well Insurance Solutions has the expertise, experience and partners to ensure that your company not only get into compliance, but Stays in Compliance with ever-changing ACA amendments.

To make sure you are in compliance, we are offering our clients and prospective clients a complimentary assessment.

Give us a Call Today (408) 615-1280 or



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