What Individuals with ACA Health plans Need To Know:

Now that you have enrolled in an ACA Compliant Health plan
Your Responsibility is not over:
Please make sure that you follow the below steps “regularly” to insure you are not terminated:
        1.  Check your accounts online frequently to insure the carriers have not made mistakes on your account, and that all payments are being applied before the due date.  [We have found that many Individual/Family plan (IFP) members are either being terminated for non payment, even though they state their payments were sent on time; or are receiving delinquency letters past the 30 day grace period allowed by the ACA.]
        2.  We “Highly Recommend” that you enroll in Auto Pay.  Below are the links to various carrier sites.  [You will need to check your online accounts regularly to make sure payments are being drawn monthly and on time, to avoid delinquency letters or worse Termination.]
  • Click on the name of your carrier to get information about setting up an auto pay:
Kaiser Permanente
Blue Shield of CA Health Net

        3.  Due to new ACA regulations it is extremely difficult to re-instate accounts and you will open yourself up to potential penalties under the ACA. [Remember Grace Periods are only 30 days for IFP accounts that are direct with the carrier, and 90 days for accounts enrolled via Covered Ca. The Grace Period is accumulative and starts from the day you did not  make a payment].
        4.  Please Do NOT wait until the last minute to pay on your accounts. Carriers are showing little to no compassion for late or missed payments.  *Check with your Carrier to confirm the due date of your bill.
We Highly Suggest:
  1. Paying your bill several days prior to the due date listed on your bill.
  2. Calling your carrier to confirm and memorize your billing due date.
  3. Try and send your payment in at least 10 days prior to the due date, to insure it is processed and applied to your account in time.
  4.   If possible,  have 1 months pre-payment paid on your account, incase a payment is not received in time.  
  5. Never let your account go beyond the 30 day grace period.
  6. Don’t Wait to receive a delinquency letter. Grace period letters seldom arrive in time to make your payment,within the 30 grace period allowed under the ACA.
       5.  If you are enrolled in a Covered CA account, Please Do NOT Forget:
    • Submit your income & tax information on time, before the April 15th deadline.  [You must contact  1-800-300-1506 to Fax or upload your taxes to your personal portal.  Covered CA will assist you with setting up your online account and give you the access code you need to do so.  Once logged in they will walk you through the upload process.]
    • Remember: ANY CHANGE IN INCOME (of + or – 10%) MUST BE REPORTED online via the Covered CA site.
        6.  Most of you will receive Obamacare-related tax forms [1095A’s] this year, if you haven’t already. Unfortunately, some Medi-Cal and Covered California enrollees are discovering errors on their forms – but corrections won’t come quickly.  The below link explains who will receive the forms, called 1095A’s, and what to do if they contain inaccuracies. To read the update, please click here.

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